Devil Rhapsody 2 Chinese game download for Android.

Devil Rhapsody 2 Chinese game download for Android.

The game I got from a friend’s info in the comment column. A game with the classic hack n slash genre, but has 3D graphics on the characters. The design of the characters is also cool, although it reminds me of the PS3 Castlevania game Lord od Shodow 2. The  appearance of the cwonya character is very similar to the son of Dracula / Gabrielle Belmond, namely Alucard. Just don’t think too much, just enjoy the gameplay. Because it is quite exciting to enjoy, there is rarely this kind of hack n slash game released on Android.So it’s a nice thing to have offline games like this, even though they still use god language.

There are two choices of playable characters in this game, namely cwe and cwo. Don’t ask for the default name, because I can’t read it. What is certain is that their characteristics are quite different. If the characters are more reliant on strength, we are speed. No need to confuse which one to choose, because we can still use both later. But with different progges, save save save save. Another cool thing is that each weapon we use will affect the combo movements and skills of the character. Some weapons will make our character attacks more powerful and remotely / range attack. I don’t know how many weapons there are in this game, but what is certain is that as far as I play it I only encounter 2 different types of movements. So, 

overall this game can be enjoyed and is very worthy as an exciting entertainment.Putting aside the language that most visitors may not understand here. 


REQUIRED: Android OS 4.1 And Up
Cool character display
Skill effects that make it exciting
A special and powerful special attack
Challenging boss

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Devil Rhapsody 2 apk Link:-Download

Tutorial Video:-

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