Blade 2 Ps2 Game Download For Android (Highly Compressed).

Blade 2 Ps2 Game Download For Android (Highly Compressed)

Description :-

Blade II is an action/beat ’em up game played from a third-person perspective, with the player controlling Blade’s movement via the left analog stick. The game primarily focuses on melee combat, although it does allow the use of firearms.

Combat is controlled via the right analog stick, allowing for what the developers call a “360° combat system” – the player moves the stick in the direction in which they want to attack and Blade punches or kicks in that direction. 

The player has no control over what kind of attack Blade executes, only the direction in which he attacks. Blade can also block, chain attacks together into combos and perform “finishing moves,” such as grabbing an enemy in a headlock and driving a stake into their head.

A major feature of the game is Rage mode. Fighting slowly and methodically charges up Blade’s Rage meter through three levels: “Sword”, “Shield” and “Strength”. If the player activates Rage mode on the first level, Blade will take out his sword and use it for a limited amount of time. If activated on the second level, Blade uses his sword and becomes invincible. If activated on the third level, Blade uses his sword, becomes invincible and increases in strength.

At the start of the game Blade is equipped with only a “mach pistol,” but as the player advances they can unlock other weapons and accessories; a shotgun, a glaive, stronger body armor, silver knuckles, UV grenades, and serum to increase Blade’s healthregeneration.

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