Tainted Keep mod apk download for android v1.8 + Mod Damage Invicible.

Tainted Keep mod apk download for android v1.8 + Mod Damage Invicible

Description And Screenshots:-
Tainted Keep mod hack unlock apk + data obb,Tainted Keep android game unlimited coins and money,The once idyllic village of Greenhaven is now a near lifeless husk, the souls of its inhabitants having been drained by the powerful wizard Morg, who has used them to create the abominations that now occupy the mighty keep that was once the source of protection for the village.Morg’s evil influence has caused the people of Greenhaven to forget their old lives of happiness and even the presence of Morg himself, instead falling into a mindless stupor.
• Cast a single spell, or chain it with another to make a more powerful spell.
• Weapons that upgrade visually as you release more souls.
• Unique and twisted domains that contain powerful treasure.
• Gems that you can slot into your weapon to adjust different statistics within it.
• A variety of fearsome creatures to defeat!
• Ultra graphic settings for Tegra 4 devices
• HD quality resolution
• Full world dynamic shadowing
• Stunning dynamic reflections
• Adjustable graphic settings

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Note:-Password is inside the video so watch the video till the end.

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