Into the Badlands Blade Battle MOD APK Android Unlimited Money 1.2.02

Into the Badlands Blade Battle MOD APK Android Unlimited Money 1.2.02

Description and Screenshots:-
Gameplay is quite simple you are thrown in the battlefield in each level with enemy waves. counted enemies will come in each levels.what you have to do is just TAP on Them and your hero will automatically keep attacking on target until its dead or you tap on other enemy. You can do sharp damages by continuously tapping on enemies or block their attack by swiping. you have to Tap on attacking enemies when their color becomes blue its a sign of enemies attack. There are harder enemies as well which will kill you instantly so defense is must and you have to stop their attacks on time.
Graphics are good and it looks comic style.since its based on AMC’s TV SERIES its good to have this kinda graphics. game runs really well and found no bugs whatsoever. Each killing animation is different with all your characters. there are 4 kinds of weapons which can be equipped in the battles. There is a chest system which can be bough using gems.since its a Into The Badlands MOD APK so you can buy all those epic chests for free.this chests contains GOLD COINS, GEMS and player cards. if you get enough cards of one hero then you can upgrade them and it costs you GOLD. since you have Unlimited amount of GEMS you can buy Unlimited Gold Coins using GEMS.
You can save your Progress using Facebook ID. Do it before this game get your profile now.
Features Of Into The Badlands Blade Battle Android MOD:-
Impressive and Unique Gameplay System
Play with Your Favorite Series Characters
Breathtaking Visuals and One vs Many Combat scenarios
Build your powerful squad
Take on enemies with Alliance wars
Complete Epic Quests
What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Money(Increases when spent)
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Into The Badlands Mod Apk:-


Tutorial Video:-

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