Breakout Dark Prison MOD APK v1.0.13 Unlimited Health Potion.

Breakout Dark Prison MOD APK Unlimited Health Potion

Description And Screenshots:-
Breakout Dark Prison is an exciting 3D action game with a third-person camera view and elements of classic role-playing games that will capture your spirit from the first minutes and will not let go until the very end. This game covers the events of a completely different world, where an insidious epidemic hit a large part of the planet and turned the Earth into a place where the Apocalypse reigns. You will play as a brave hero, whose daughter is a carrier of unique DNA – the key to the survival of mankind, but treacherous mercenaries have abducted her and are imprisoned in the Dark Prison.

Dark Prison MOD APK is an online fully action adventure game from Latersoft. A nice hack and slash gameplay with amazing looking graphics and gameplay. Dark Prison stands good among all the other online action games. Then video sequences and battle scenarios are delight to watch. The title says it all. Battle sequences in dark prison with different enemies. Download the MOD APK of Dark Prison for Unlimited Health Potion.

Incredibly crafted game world and dynamic gameplay. Go to the Dark Prison to give battle to the dirtiest robbers, cruel prisoners, monsters and zombies, join the fight for the future of mankind. Breakout Dark Prison MOD APK is The Last Rescue awaits you with a dizzying plot, incredible action, hundreds of unique locations of unprecedented beauty and epic boss battles, as well as stunning 3D graphics and a well-developed combat PvP system.

Breakout supports almost all the gamepad controllers. The graphics here are crispy and the combat mechanics looks fun. The only problem here is about the battle scenes because their physics does not seem to fit well. Dark Prison is about an online hack and slash RPG kind of game where you have to complete different levels and stages in order to level up your warrior. The story campaign is fun and with the MOD APK you can easily advance in your carrier.
What’s New:
Initial Release Updates:
1. Added Strong Attack
2. Increased Rage Attack recharge speed
3. Added Auto-Equip
4. Repaired PVP shop refresh time
5. Improved PVP and Co-op mode network connection
6. Animation update
7. Balanced Campaign mode and PVP

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Health Potion in Battles

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