The School White Day APK Fully Working on All Devices

The School White Day APK Fully Working on All Devices

The School White Day a labyrinth is a Korean survival horror game. It is sure to make the blood of certain uncultured Westerners boil based on the name alone but for those who aren’t familiar with The School White Day APK allow me to explain.  White Day APK is Finally patched and working on All Android devices with English Language support.

School White Day is a holiday recognized in South Korea Japan and a few other Eastern countries that takes place exactly one month past Valentine’s Day. in these countries Valentine’s Day is often a day for women to gift chocolates to the boys they are affectionate towards. white day APK is the day for those men to reciprocate and gift these ladies chocolates jewelry or other traditional gifts in return.

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The game has long been a cult classic among horror fans and even seen strange ports to mobile devices as well. Finally School White Day is now available and working on All Android devices. Someone from Chinese Forum has patched it to make it work on all devices. The long awaited horror title is now available on Andropalace. we have got so many requests about uploading this offline horror title and now finally School White Day APK MOD has appeared.

Its an offline horror adventure game and is based on PC console title. A rich storyline with amazing graphics and gameplay. The horror atmosphere and the gameplay is quite fun. There are amazing multipler endings as well. Its most likely survivor game where you have to survive in the school. You will have no weapons or equipment,you just have to hide and survive. That’s all you have to do in this tense thriller horror android game.
Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 21.1.48
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