Call Of Duty:Strike Team Mod (Unlimited Money) For Android

Call Of Duty:Strike Team Mod (Unlimited Money) For Android.

Players have the option to switch from a first-person view to an overhead drone’s perspective. From the sky, players can command their squad to find cover, toss frags, fire and even secure objectives. This mode introduces strategic gameplay while enhancing tactics of positioning and map awareness. Strike Team makes use of the touch screens available on iOS and Android devices by allowing players to control their squad with a few simple gestures on screen. The left and right sides of the screen acts as virtual analog sticks for movement while playing in the first-player perspective.Furthermore, the game features quick aim via the small arrows placed on the bottom of the screen used to switch between targets. Tapping on one of the arrows brings the aiming reticule to the closest target.


The game is set in the Black Ops story arc, in 2020, with players leading a U.S. Joint Special Operations Team after the country “finds itself in a war with an unknown enemy”. The single player experience provides the similar feeling of previous Call of Duty games. The campaign consists of objective-based missions, where players control strike teams that are sent on particular missions to retrieve intel, eliminate targets or to take control of a specific area. Players are able to switch out gear and weapons or upgrade perks (which grant enhancements) between missions. Perks are upgradable via in game currency earned through missions, or through in-app purchases.
The game does not come with a multiplayer mode.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode in Strike Team plays the same way as Modern Warfare 3s Survival Mode. Players must fight off infinite waves of  controlled enemies on the 3 maps included with the game, with more available for purchase. The game mode increases in difficulty as players progress through waves. Upon completing a wave, XP is rewarded based on the performance of the player, which can be used to purchase either ammunition or upgraded weapons and armour.

Time Attack Mode

A new game mode for the game which was available as a free update on November 21, 2013, for those who already purchased the game. Time Attack mode puts the player in any of the already available maps, and sends out AI controlled enemies. Players must fight off enemy forces, while keeping an eye on the clock. Killing enemies reward players with more time on the clock, with the objective of staying alive as long as possible while earning tokens.

Domination Mod

A new game mode for the game which was available as a free update on December 19, 2013(only for IOS users), for those who already purchased the game. The new game mode is available to play on all of the Strike Team maps. The objective is to capture and hold three strategic points on the map for a set amount of time while holding off a huge number of enemy forces. The longer the player survives, the more deadly the enemies become as they force their way into the game map to try to recapture the markers.

How To Unlock Links:-
Download Links:-
Bro Click On Any Ads Then Copy Ads URL (LINK) And Then Paste Ads URL In 
Click Here To Get Download Link 
Box To Verify & Then You Can Download Your Files

Installation Steps:-
1.Extract File using Z-ARCHIVER 
2.Install Apk and Move Data to Android/OBB Folder 
3.Open The game .If your game crashes then don’t worry
4.Just Open the System app remover apk and disabe play store. 
5.Now Open and enjoy your Game.

Note:- You can re-enable play store at any time.

Tutorial Video:- Watch Video Carefully otherwise Your Game might not Work.

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