Aquaman:Battle For Atlantis GameCube Game For Android

Aquaman:Battle For Atlantis GameCube Game For Android.

The purpose of the game is to save Atlantis from doom. The story is told by cutscenes that do not use animation or voices. Instead, it is told by text that accompanies pictures, like a comic book. The player progresses by swimming around the level and defeating the enemies there. The levels are filled with empty ruined buildings that Aquaman sometimes has to swim around. When Aquaman fights, he can punch, kick and grapple with his opponents to defeat them. There are also times throughout the game where the player can pilot crafts through the water and shoot down enemy submarines.

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Part 1:- Click Here To Download

Part 2:- Click Here To Download

Dolphin Emulator:- Click Here To Download

Z-ARCHIVER:- Click Here To Download

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