Guardians of the Galaxy TTG All Episodes Unlocked 1.08

Download Guardians of the Galaxy TTG All Episodes Unlocked 1.08

The First Episodes OF telltale Guardians OF the galaxy series sets the action-packed sarcasm field stage for what’s to come with just the right amount of exposition to keep things on track. it’s two hours are paced like a movie and consistently engaging but it’s more game-like elements of choice and exploration remove you from the story rather than keep you grounded.The episode starts strong immediately diving into some action the Guardians get a call from the Nova Corps who need help fighting Thanos soon enough. Guardians of the galaxy APK is a premium game but requires IAP for all other episodes like all other Telltale games but use MOD APK which has already purchased all episodes unlocked for free.
Guardians ship is crashing and they stumble into battle it might feel a little abrupt if you’re unfamiliar with guardians but bickering among the team fills in most of the gas with their personalities and dynamic. the whole episode feels true to their characters especially how they’re portrayed in the movie. it’s a good introduction to what they’re all about without relying on lengthy exposition.first find the Nova Corps completely decimated by Thanos and you have to do some exploring to figure things out.
It’s the first of several point-and-click adventure sections that feel out of place in the episodes movie like structure. since it’s not immediately apparent what you’re looking for a section that would take maybe a minute in a movie can take 10 and things come grinding to a halt it almost feels as if your participation is just the episode checking to make sure you’re paying attention.if you are a fan of Guardians of the galaxy TTG and Telltale games episodic adventure then this game is a must have game for you.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlocked All Episodes

Requires Android: 5.0 and Up
Version: 1.08
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Note:- Play This Game Online For First Time Otherwise You will not get all Episodes Unlocked.

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