Download Dead by Daylight Mobile APK MOD v4.3.2015

Download Dead by Daylight Mobile APK MOD Latest Version

Description And Screenshots:-
After a long time finally we have official Dead by Daylight Mobile APK on Android. Its an official Dead by Daylight Android game. The villain is also a player here. one of villain chosen from a whole roster of sinister and creepy killers tries to hunt the other players down using tricks and special abilities. the game has this dark spooky almost cartoony look about it kind of like its tone as a carnival ghost.
Survivors experience is a blend of patiently sneaking around trying to remain undetected as opposed to the mad frantic dashes made in an effort to escape which is not an easy thing to do. the killers are appropriately powerful using their abilities to almost toy with the survivors picking them off like ants. they can move faster than them so once they’re in their sights it’s more than likely they’ll get the job done. To escape the killer’s you need a combination of tactics teamwork and of course block the fact that everyone is played by human makes things very unpredictable. If you have played dead by daylight PC Version then you will surely like Dead by Daylight Mobile APK MOD as well.

Requires Android: 7.1 and Up

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