Download Armed Heist MOD APK Android 2.3.6

  • Download Armed Heist MOD APK (God Mod) Android 2.3.6+ Obb 

Description and Screenshots:-
Its about robbing or i would say GTA 5’s Heist Gameplay. All you have to do is escape using looted money and reach your car to complete the mission. You will have different weapons to kill armed forces and make your way to the car. Armed Heist MOD APK is all set to provide all those thrilled gameplay that comes while robbery, Armed Heist MODDED APK is the brand new third person shooter which is designed specially for mobile phones. All you can do in this game is shoot and rob banks. Use Money and unlock or upgrade your weapons and climb leader board.

Armed Heist MODDED is a free to play game available as beta unreleased game in the play store. Game’s most important focus is on leveling up and unlocking new guns and mass customization. It uses the loot box system where you will have to collect different weapon parts and upgrade points then use credits and money to upgrade your things. The weapon mechanics and third person gameplay blends well so that you can choose your favorite weapon and its attachment as per your requirements. There are two different in-game currencies. Diamonds that allows you to instantly open the loot boxes. and another currency is cash which is used for upgrading or purchasing weapons. You can always buy more with IAP and Armed Heist MOD for Unlimited Money is not possible since its an online game.

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