Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Rom Download For Android

  Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Rom Download For Android

Luigi is notified he has won a mansion in a contest he did not enter. He informs Mario, and they agree to meet up outside the mansion that evening. Luigi follows a map to the mansion, finding it more sinister looking than the supplied photo. With Mario nowhere to be found, Luigi enters the mansion alone. He encounters a ghost, which attacks him, but is unexpectedly saved by a scientist who unsuccessfully tries to suck up the ghost with a vacuum cleaner. The two evacuate before more ghosts can arrive, and the man introduces himself as Professor Elvin Gadd, or E. Gadd for short. He explains the mansion is supernatural in origin and only appeared a few nights prior. E. Gadd tells Luigi that he saw Mario heading towards the mansion, but has not seen him since. Upon learning that Mario is Luigi’s brother, E. Gadd entrusts Luigi with his ghost-hunting equipment, including the Poltergust 3000 vacuum cleaner and Game Boy Horror communication device, and Luigi re-enters the mansion to look for Mario.

As Luigi explores the mansion, he discovers that it was built by King Boo to shelter the now-freed portrait ghosts, ghosts whom E. Gadd had previously captured and contained in paintings with a large machine dubbed the “Ghost Potrificationizer”, and created the false contest to lure the Mario Bros. into a trap. After recapturing many ghosts and working his way through the mansion, Luigi confronts King Boo, who has trapped Mario inside a painting. King Boo pulls Luigi into the painting for their final battle, using a suit-like replica of Bowser to combat him.Luigi manages to defeat King Boo and escape from the painting.King Boo is later turned into a painting along with the other portrait ghosts, while E. Gadd uses the Ghost Portrificationizer in reverse to free Mario.After the mansion disappears, E. Gadd uses the treasure Luigi collected on his adventure to build him a new non-haunted house in its place. Its size depends on how much treasure the player gathered during the game.

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